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AihkiNjarga is located in the Porkkala peninsula in Kirkkonummi, 45 km from the city center of Helsinki


Close to the Metropolitan Helsinki city center and the international airport, yet totally in the wildnerness. In AihkiNjarga you will see other people only with their boats in the sea. However, there are a lot of wild life around: deers, elks, birds... Porkkala is actually the spot to be to watch arkitka, the mass-migration of arctic birds every spring and autumn. 


Distance to

- Helsinki city center - 45 km (40 min)

- Helsinki-Vantaa airport 50 km (60 min)

- the closest grocery store and restaurant

             - June-August: 1,9 km Porkkala Marin

             - September-May: 20 km in Kirkkonummi center

Porkkalanniemi recreational area

A few kilometers from AihkiNjarga starts the stunning recreational area of Porkkalanniemi.

Porkkala Marin

The closest grocery store, bar, pizzeria, coffee shop and restaurant are located only a few km away during May - August.

The nearest golf course is Peuramaa Golf, a 20 km ( 20 min drive away.

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